Here at Ivan’s Restoration, we are the experts at fixing/restoring vehicles, boats, motorcycles, planes and furniture with over 9 years of experience. We are an upholstery service company with a great passion to get our customers the best results and experience possible. 

Ivan is the owner. He started out working for dealerships in the Chicagoland area restoring cars. His passion and love for this job grew so he went on to start Ivan’s Restoration. He saw the negative side of a big corporation and wanted to improve the customer experience, offer better prices and improve both the quality of his work and the materials used for not just great but also long-lasting results. 

Most people go on to trust big corporations thinking the results will be better, but there is nothing better than someone who will listen to and do exactly what you expect for your project if not better. Don’t make the mistake that 8/10 people do by going to these big corporations.

To get a sense of Ivan’s work, read his: